The drive

Imagine a society in which all individuals can access the learning opportunities that help them achieve their dreams and fulfill their social roles. Imagine organisations that function like organisms, navigating flexibly through an ever-changing environment while practitioners within flourish. Imagine an academic field that facilitates knowledge development supporting a continuous improvement of the social field.

The right learning solutions can contribute to the dream described above. Equipped with over 5 years of working experience in the Netherlands, Uganda and South Sudan I have come to believe that the most sustainable strategy to capacity development is facilitating processes that enable individuals and organizations to learn intentionally and continuously.

The following core values guide me in my work:

  • Open-mindedness: Continuously testing assumptions and beliefs.
  • Collaboration: Facilitating connections between actors to co-create solutions.
  • Intentional learning: Through collaboration identify learning priorities and strategies.
  • Systematic approach: Learning should use and produce practical, relevant and tested knowledge.
  • High expectations: Striving for the best in every individual, organisation and research.

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